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In 1964, the visionary entrepreneur Mrs. Pilar Weissenberg, fueled by her family's hobby of coffee cultivation, embarked on a remarkable journey.

Inspired by her passion for coffee and armed with her initial knowledge of toasting and grinding processes, Mrs. Weissenberg established a tostaduría (roastery) to meet the growing demand for coffee with guaranteed optimum quality. Thus, the Avenidas Café brand was born, a testament to her youthful dream and commitment to the art of coffee.

From the very beginning, Mrs. Weissenberg recognized that quality is not something that can be improvised on the fly. It requires dedication and persistence. To achieve this, she introduced the exquisite aroma and flavor of the "Antigua" variety of Guatemalan Coffee, cultivated and processed on the renowned Pastores estate in the Sacatepéquez grasslands . Established in 1870, the Pastores estate remains in the ownership of a family that has been producing coffee on its 110 hectares of land and operating its own processing facility since 1890. Over the course of more than a century, these facilities have continuously adapted modern technology to optimize the drying, processing, and packaging stages.

This long-standing commitment to quality from the very origin of the coffee beans has been instrumental in ensuring the success and growth of the company for over 50 years.

Today, Avenidas Café is part of a vertically integrated company that oversees every step of the coffee production process: from cultivation and processing to roasting, sales, and export of the finest Guatemalan coffee selections.

The story of Mrs. Pilar Weissenberg and Avenidas Café is one of passion, dedication, and a pursuit of uncompromising quality. It serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Guatemala's coffee industry and the rich flavors it brings to the world. With every sip of Avenidas Café, one embarks on a journey through the diverse coffee regions of Guatemala, experiencing the rich tapestry of flavors that reflect the expertise and commitment of Mrs. Pilar Weissenberg and her family.

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