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Guatelmala Antigua
Finca Pastores
Finca Pastores


Avenidas was started with the idea of bringing the best coffees directly from the farmers of Latin America to cups around the world. Premium, sustainable coffee, direct from the farms, at a fair price to consumers.

Located in the grass hills of Sacatepéquez, our family of growers have managed the lands and our roasting and packaging operations for three generations and over 80 years.  The original farm has roasted freshly picked beans in the same facility, adapting modern technology to improve the drying, roasting, and our “embodegado” (quick packing to seal in freshness).

Antigua Whole Bean 12oz


Our brand would not exist without the visionary enterprise of Mrs. Pilar Weissenberg, who saw the growing demand in the early 1960’s for freshly roasted coffee. She established a modern tostaduría that allowed her to offer, a coffee guaranteed by its optimum freshness and quality. 


Born into coffee, her father had started in growing and marketing of coffee in the 1920s with a farm on the south coast of Guatemala, and through the reselling of coffee beans from the different coffee-producing regions.


From a corner in her parent’s garden to her innovations in the roasting business, now passed on to two more generations and a completely modern, sustainable facility – all on the same grounds near Antigua.


Avenidas is special because it is produced in the best coffee growing regions of starting with  Guatemala. We offer a unique variety of batch-produced Latin American coffees, including organic and estate coffees. We work directly with our farmers, who are paid above market prices to ensure we get the best beans possible as part of our direct trade relationship with them. 



The original Mayan name of Guatemala means “The Land of the Trees.”  In Spanish, Guatemala is also known as “El Pais de la Eterna Primavera” (The Land of the Eternal Spring). In Guatemala, the forests, land, and water are important in everything we do. 


In Spanish, the name “avenidas” means roads or avenues. We call our coffee Avenidas because it is the road that connects you to the beauty and freshness that Guatemala and Latin America has to offer!

guatemala coffee

Direct from farms where the altitude, the climate, the soil, and the expertise of

more than 80 years and 3 generations of growing make the difference

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