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Guatemala State


Grown in Guatemala

Each of our unique coffees are 100% Guatemalan grown from key coffee regions around the country. These coffees offer key differences in flavor, which is impacted by the growing environment, the altitude, and the soil type.

Each varietal is available in ground or whole beans, and comes in 6oz, 12oz, 1kg, and 22.7kg.

shade grown coffee
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This traditional coffee is cultivated in a volcanic soil rich in minerals, with low humidity and varied temperatures. The coffee has an exquisite aroma and a sweet flavor.

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This region is non-volcanic but with a high altitude and a dry environment. With no frost, coffee here grows at up to 6,500 feet and takes on an intense flavor.

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With an altitude of between 4,300 and 5,000 feet, Cobán is a cloudy, rainy, and cold place all year round. The coffee has fruity notes, with a fine body.

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Our unique blend of dark and light roasts from around the country, mixing coffee beans from different regions, this blend has a slight chocolate taste.

sustainably grown coffee
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